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Your phone slips through your fingers dropping face first onto the asphalt in slow motion. You go to retrieve your phone praying that by some miracle the screen didn’t shatter. No such luck. The shattered glass of your phone screen glimmers on the pavement while you are left holding the shell of your phone wondering how in the world you can get it fixed without paying a fortune. We have the answer: Berkshire Wireless Repair of Lanesboro, MA.

Do you have a phone, tablet, or laptop that you need repaired? Come to Berkshire Wireless Repair, your top rated local cell phone repair shop of Lanesboro, MA, for speedy and affordable electronic repairs! We specialize in both iPhone and Droid cell phone repair!  We can repair phone screens, home buttons, broken speakers, headphone jacks, and charge ports. We can also replace front and back cameras on both tablets and phones. If it’s broken, our specialists can most likely fix it. At Berkshire Wireless Repair, we pride ourselves on our efficient and effective repairs. We can have your broken phone, tablet, or laptop repaired to function like new within a few hours.


What are you waiting for? Contact a cell phone repair specialist at Berkshire Wireless Repair today and have your phone, laptop, or tablet looking good as new in a matter of hours!


CellPhone Repair Price List

Galaxy S4 Back Camera Replacement $65.00 iPhone 5 Repair Price List Screen & LCD $140.00 Power Button $79.00 Ringer/Vibrate Toggle Button Repair $79.00 Back Camera Replacement...

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